Viviana Diaz GCFP, LMT

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist

Hours of operation

Monday – Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturdays 4:30-6:30pm

To make an appointment

Contact: Viviana at (510) 717-1356

Viviana Diaz

The Feldenkrais® Method

is an educational method that uses movement, touch and verbal guidance to teach people to improve the way they move. The range of this method is quite broad. With this method I can help people learn their way out of difficult limitations as they improve basic functions such as sitting, standing and walking as well as more demanding movements that an athlete or dancer would need. I can help Musicians and actors refine their senses and become more dexterous and precise in their movements.

Massage Therapy

I consider massage therapy an interactive art. I begin a session by listening with my hands, responding with touch and listening again. This process is continuous throughout the massage. I work with Swedish, deep tissue myofacial release, pressure point and Shiatsu techniques.

People respond with relaxation to a variety of touch styles. Some clients need gentle, steady movements that invite them to relax, others need to be convinced to let go and relax with a more direct steady touch while others prefer energetic strong contact that can shake them into relaxation.